Encouraged by Bill Walton, Rex’s longtime board members Bob Weir, Carolyn Garcia, Mickey Hart and John Perry Barlow tell a few stories of the organization’s unique history in 2011. Photo: Susana Millman

Storytelling at TRI--photo Susana Millman

Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Carolyn Garcia, John Perry Barlow, and Bill Walton Swap Stories

August 2011 – Inspired by Jon McIntire and Mickey Hart’s idea  of having  long-standing Rex board members tell stories about Rex grants that were especially memorable to them over the years, we recently were able to put together a special occasion at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios.  Having  seen Bill Walton’s magic in eliciting great tales at the Sacramento Kings’ Grateful Dead night, we sought out his involvement to orchestrate the conversation, as well as to share his own stories.

With a maximum of 25 attendees in the tiny studio, we arranged to have the storytelling video recorded so that this unique gathering and exchange could be documented and made available to a wider audience.  Now, we’re pleased to present some highlights.

The Rex Foundation is deeply grateful to Bill Walton, Bob Weir, Carolyn Garcia, John Perry Barlow, Jon McIntire (who was not able to attend), and Mickey Hart for coming together to support Rex, and to the attendees, whose generous contributions provided a huge boost to Rex Foundation’s grant making capacity.

Sandy Sohcot, Rex Foundation Executive Director, explains the history of the Rex Foundation

Bob Weir explains about success and flying saucers

Bob Weir and Mickey Hart demonstrate the Meyer sound capability of TRI Studios

Mickey Hart explains he now owns 80% of world’s reverb!

Barlow explains fresh vegetables in context of TRI Studios

Bob Weir talks about the TRI Studios vision

Mickey Hart talks about the origins of the Rex Foundation

Barlow talks about deadicated Rex grantees

Carolyn Garcia talks about early Rex grant proposals

Bob Weir talks about giving back

Carolyn Garcia talks about the new model of philanthropy

Barlow talks about philanthropy

Mickey and Barlow talk about the Lithuanian basketball team

Bob Weir talks about intuition and Rex Foundation

Mickey Hart talks about The Mickey Hart Band

Carolyn Garcia talks about Rex grantees

Mickey Hart on UCSF music therapy