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Tangible Hope

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Girls in the Tangible Hope program

Tangible Hope offers education and a better future to Ethiopian girls living in poverty.

The mission of Tangible Hope is to empower and protect young girls in Ethiopia by advancing their human rights through education, health care and nutrition, thereby creating a generation of women who can lift the next generation out of poverty and into a world of opportunity.

Tangible Hope was founded by a native of Ethiopia whose path took her full circle back to her home country to look for a higher purpose in her life. She found it in the eyes of a little girl, living and working in hardship alongside her mother, who did housework. She was determined to send that girl to school. That was the beginning, and now Tangible Hope’s sponsorship program is educating 50 girls, with 50 additional girls identified and on the waiting list for sponsorship. The local community chooses the girls based on greatest need.

Rather than doing the usual physical labor, these young girls will be provided with after school tutoring, computer education, hygiene, nutrition, and a sustainable organic garden. Above all they will be protected and given follow-up to ensure their personal and academic success.


Tangible Hope
PO Box 2868
Sausalito, CA  94965

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