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Clown Zero clown with patient

ClownZero brings humor and healing to hospital patients and their families.

ClownZero is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving life for children and communities worldwide through humanitarian clowning and therapeutic performing arts. We believe that a clown personifies the humanity in all of us and is uniquely suited to communicate beyond barriers of age, race, culture or gender creating greater levels of human connectivity and emotional buoyancy.

ClownZero Healing Through Humor Program is a pioneer outreach program created in association with UCSF Children’s Hospital. Hosted by UCSF, ClownZero is a team of professional performers and therapists dedicated to healing through humor, who work as clown doctors alongside Child Life Specialists and other hospital medical personnel. ClownZero clowns visit acutely and chronically ill patients, their families, and hospital staff, facilitating laughter and creating community through play.

3246 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA  94116

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