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Hidden Wings

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boy drummingHidden Wings is dedicated to elevating the gifts of young adults with autism, so that they might have a full and productive life in society.  Most high school graduates with autism are ill-prepared to face the challenges of the world.  Hidden Wings has embarked upon designing a post-secondary school, a unique college specifically designed for those on the autistic spectrum.  The school was created primarily by parents and gifted mentors.  The emphasis is on rigorous exercise, a predictable and loving environment, and intellectual stimulation based upon the unique gifts of every student.  Thus the goal is not the remediation of deficits but the cultivation of talents. It is the belief of Hidden Wings that everyone on the autistic spectrum possesses extraordinary gifts often masked by social limitations.  The services of Hidden Wings are free of charge.  Funding comes from private individuals, corporation and foundations.

P.O. Box 1912
Santa Ynez, CA  93460

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