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Enjoying Monterey Bay Therapeutic Horse Center

Enjoying Monterey Bay Therapeutic Horse Center

Balance4Kids addresses the needs of children with severe disabilities in a collaborative model with private organizations, parents, and public schools working together. Individuals benefit from support in the areas of nutrition, educational therapies, and alternative education.

Although special education is largely protected by specific mandates through the federal government, BALANCE4Kids seeks to support public education by “giving back” to the schools. The opportunity to provide instructional assistants enabled BALANCE4Kids to save school districts that it serves tens of thousands of dollars annually because profit margins are left in the schools. In addition funding is provided for special education workshops to staff throughout the year at no cost to the schools. BALANCE4Kids has been actively fundraising since 1999 to provide “above the basic” items and enrichment programs for special education classrooms in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

4500 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA  95073

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