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Rex Musical Caravan 2009

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A Vehicle for Supporting the Arts in Public Schools and Community Non-Profits

Over the last three years, we’ve been delighted and inspired by the success of Rex Jams on the festival circuit: artists designated a particular song in their set as the “Rex Jam,” and volunteers  circulated among the crowd collecting contributions.  In turn,  those funds have gone to support music and arts programs in the communities local to the festivals, and made a real difference.

We’ve been told, for example, that thanks to the Rex Jams at the 10,000 Lakes Festival, the Detroit Lakes High School High School has re-started its marching band and was, at last, able to purchase a brand new tuba.  Most gratifying was to hear that the students who benefited from these small grassroots grants felt that their local communities really cared about them.  And all of this has happened because of the musical community collaborating with Rex to show how dollars can add up quickly to generate positive ripples!

As you know, arts programs are suffering in the current economy, particularly in the public schools where the emphasis on standardized tests and the loss of funding have combined to dire effect.   The same funding crunch affects the local non-profits that have provided arts education and creative opportunity outside the school setting.

With this in mind, for the remainder of 2009, we’ll dedicate proceeds from Rex Musical Caravan events to grants that support creative arts education in the public high schools and grassroots community groups.  For several years, the Rex Musical Caravan has been a vehicle that allowed us to collaborate with musicians, artists, and others to raise funds and help good causes in their communities.  With this focus on the arts, we have a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of the musical community and beyond to make a difference.

Among the musicians and artists who’ve already joined the Caravan this fall are Dark Star Orchestra, Keller Williams, New Riders of the Purple Sage and Grace Potter, as well as Grateful Graphics.   Get on board—and work with Rex to help support public high school arts programs or small grassroots groups that  use the creative arts to help youth and adults succeed, as well as actively engage in their own communities.

Here’s how it works.
– You and Rex customize a donation arrangement—for example, a small amount added to the price of your concert, merchandise or services, designated as a donation to Rex.

- Rex helps promote and publicize your fundraising program via our email list, website, social networks and press releases.

- You are invited to recommend donation beneficiaries, consistent with Rex’s mission and funding guidelines.

We see this as a mutually beneficial collaboration that helps garner support and awareness for groups doing good work, and allows you—as a musician, artist, designer, record label, publication, or a small business owner—to give something back to those doing work that matters to you in your own community.  We invite you to get on board—call the Rex office at (415) 561-3134 or email and let us know your ideas.

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